Appearances Update: Fresh Air and Fighting Coal in Iowa

As the year kicked off and most of the country dove straight into the Presidential primaries, Jim and I continued our mostly separate and occasionally joint effort to bring global warming into the discussion.

On Tuesday, January 8, we were interviewed together by Terry Gross, on NPR’s Fresh Air.

Jim has a full week in front of him (which is not unusual). On Tuesday, the 15th, he and Dr. Ed Weiler, Director of Goddard Space Flight Center, which is the parent organization of Jim’s Institute, the Goddard Institute of Space Studies, will be interviewed by Miles O’Brien of CNN, largely about the events related in my book, Censoring Science. Not sure exactly when Miles’s show will air, but I’ll update my Recent and Upcoming Appearances posting when I find out.

Then Jim takes his message to his home state of Iowa. He will speak in a few different places around the state during the course of the week and conclude by testifying on Friday morning, January 18, to the State of Iowa Utilities Board, against a proposed coal-fired power plant in Marshalltown. As usual, he will testify as a private citizen, using his vacation time from NASA to make this trip.

 Meanwhile, I will appear on a few more radio shows.

You can always keep abreast of both of our rapidly-evolving schedules by clicking on “appearances” in the column to the right, just below “categories”.