It’s Official: Griffin is Gone

(I restrained myself and left the exclamation point off the end of the title.)

Yesterday the Obama Administration named a new interim leadership team and officially stated that associate administrator Christopher Scolese “will serve as acting administrator until a successor to Michael Griffin has been nominated by the President and confirmed by the U.S. Senate.” It is not a surprise that Griffin will not be kept on, but this is the first official indication to my knowledge.

It is also worth noting that the mendacious and clearly dishonest David Mould, the Assistant Administrator of Public Affairs who actively censored Jim Hansen, is gone as well.

So, the first good moves have been made. It appears that Mr. Obama is conducting one of the most thorough and patient reviews of the space agency that has ever been conducted by an incoming president, so one expects the next few moves to be wise as well. Given his stellar choices for other scientific and technical positions in his administration, I imagine the president’s choice for NASA Administrator will also be inspiring.

 Hear! Hear!

3 thoughts on “It’s Official: Griffin is Gone

  1. I am so happy with President Obamas (I just like being able to say that :)) first choices for the science fields. It bodes well and we will need smart choices because there is so much that needs to be done..

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  3. I wouldn’t usually comment on a review, but anyone interested in gaining some good insight into my book, Censoring Science, and how my thinking has evolved since writing it, might want to click the “pingback” link at the bottom of the previous comment. It will lead you to one of the most well-informed and carefully considered reviews that I have seen.

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